Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out what's going on?

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I signed up online - how do I get my shoe tag?

Pick up your shoe tag at any of the Free Days in May programs. Or, pick up anytime there are club programs going on. Please be sure to wear your shoe tag so that you can easily be identified as a member.

I forgot the gate code

Email us for a reminder (be sure to include your name in your request)

"Bring a Friend" privileges

Yes, as a member you are welcome to bring a friend with you. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your club with friends and family from time to time, especially if they simply want to try tennis or are not sure yet about becoming a member themselves.


There is a limit of 3 visits per summer per person as a guest at our club. If your guest wishes to come more often, they need to get a membership of their own.

Please don't allow a friend or spouse to effectively split a membership with you. The facility's long term future depends on the membership dues of everyone.

The club reserves the right to revoke the membership (without refund) of anyone who continues to bring a non member guest who's already visited the club more than 3 times in a season.

What if I'm playing and a non member asks if they can use the courts?

As we are a community owned club, access to the general public is permitted. If non members request access to the courts and there is a court available to them, please let them in. However, if the courts are full with members (or members arrive after the non-members begin to play), the non members should be advised that they cannot use the courts as paying members always take priority over the general public.

This is a good time to remind you to put your shoe tag on your shoes so everyone will know you are a member.

Can I use the courts outside of the online booking time slots?

Of course! When there are no club programs happening (like group lessons, leagues and tournaments) the courts are yours to enjoy.

Online booking slots are only during peak-demand times. The rest of the time the courts are open for drop-in play.

Why can only 2 of the 3 courts be reserved through the online booking page?

2 reasons:

  1. outside of club programming, we leave a court open all the time for our pros' use for private and semi-private lessons. Such lessons should be booked into the calendar so you know if the court may be available. (NB: even if the court was not officially booked, club coaches always have first right of refusal on the 3rd court for paid lessons)
  2. We encourage spontaneous play, especially for families and juniors, who often think to play at the last minute.

How do I use the lights to play at night?

There is a grey panel attached to the fence on the park side of the courts.
Press the GREEN button on the bottom to turn on the lights at twilight.
THE LIGHTS ARE VERY EXPENSIVE TO RUN so please do not turn them on when not required. Press the RED button to turn them off.
If turned off by mistake, it will take about 15 minutes for them to reset to come on again.
They are run on a timer and will go off around 11:30pm even if the red button is not pressed.

How can I get into the clubhouse?

The clubhouse is only open when staff or board members are on site. There are washroom facilities at the Scout House in Forbes Park.

Who owns the club?

The courts and clubhouse are owned by the City of Cambridge. The club is run by a group of volunteers and a staff of Pros. The courts are maintained primarily by funds raised through membership fees and fundraising.

There's no easier way to get to know lots of people at the club than being involved in helping to run activities or programs. Email us if you are interested in participating, even in a small way.

Where can I buy tennis gear? and Can anyone help me figure out what I need to get?

For tennis specific gear, there's no better place in the area than Courts Plus in Waterloo. Chris Edwards and his knowledgeable staff will greet you and guide you with what you need from shoes to racquets to clothing. They will even let you take a racquet home with you to try at the club to be sure you are going to be happy with it!

Also, talk to our Head Pro for advice on what gear you need, especially for kids. We have racquets kids can borrow until you get sorted out.

Click here for a visual on sizing for tennis racquets for kids.

My child loves the after school lessons and wants more - how can I arrange that?

For just another $30 per 6-week session, you can arrange back-to-backs each day you choose or get a 2nd day each week. Email now to arrange this option

The club's teaching staff offer Summer camps/lessons starting at the end of June until mid/late August each year. Email our Head Pro for more info. Private and semi-private lessons are also available.

What can I do other than just play tennis on my own time?

  • Singles Ladder - sign up anytime, but you cannot start until the beginning of the month after you sign up
  • Team Tennis - a fun, mixed doubles "house league" where you play either Monday or Wednesday nights. Teams are selected and set by early May each year and this is a very popular program. If you are interested, email our Team Tennis Coordinator. If you want to participate, but can't commit every week, talk to our Team Tennis coordinator about sparing.
  • Tournaments - usually a pretty fun, yet competitive day and 2 matches are always guaranteed. Food and beverages are included for all players.
  • Lessons (group, private and semi-private): Adult and Junior
  • Adult Drop-Ins
  • Junior Drop-Ins
  • Junior After School lessons - want to double your lessons each week? Just another $30 for back-to-backs each day you choose or for a 2nd day each week
  • Socials - last Friday of every month. Unique themes and food/beverages